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What We Do
  • Exchange your currency, in your favourite market.
  • Use vault to store your assets.
  • Low trading fees and zero trading fees for frequent traders.
  • Most secure and premium features.
  • Multiple types of trading.
  • News box for all currency related news at one place.


CryptoniumX is the next generation digital assets exchange platform. It facilitates exchange of all popular cryptocurrencies is the easiest possible manner. Individuals as well as organisations can trade in all kinds of digital tokens and cryptocurrencies without any hassle.


We facilitate trading in most popular cryptocurrencies, all at one place so that users will not have to maintain various accounts on different platforms.

Personal Wallet
We provide our users with a single wallet so that they can manage all of their currencies at a single place removing any needs of remembering so many passwords.

Transaction Fee
We strive to provide maximum satisfaction to our users and nothing is better than earning highest possible profits. To enable that, we charge competitive transaction fee for all trades.

We are aware that being new to this world, our users will be needing various kinds of support and assistance. We provide our users with on- demand assistance to resolve all their concerns.

Highest level
of Security
We understand that, Protection from thefts, hacks and privacy leaks are first requirement for our users and we ensure highest level of safety and security on our platform.

Failures of servers sometimes may lead to failure to utilise benefits owing to their availability for limited time frame. We provide 99.99% Serviceability for hassle free transactions as and when required.

Super Fast
We ensure Hassle free access to wallet. Users can check their respective order books and place bids anytime and anywhere they want.

Tools for
technical analysis
We also provide our users with various tools to serve for technical analysis which helps in trading with more efficiency.