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Bringing Blockchain Closer To Life
Blockchain Gem


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Bient Technologies

Blockchain is taking life to the speed of light and Bient is doing its part in taking life to Blockchain.
Bient Technologies is a startup with a vision to shape the future through the Technology of Blockchain and its Applications. At Bient, we believe in the foreseeable future of Blockchain and value the disruptive innovation its incorporation could bring about in every possible sector. If we have the opportunity and the resources - which we do - we must proceed to build a better tomorrow and leave the past behind.

Jatin Madhra, CEO

“Our vision is to implement Blockchain technology into the core functionality of people’s day to day lives, especially the ones who, for lack of awareness, wouldn’t do it themselves.”

Our Products

The path to a fast and secure future is through an expert pairing of technology and activity. Having the resource of technology, we have furnished application platforms that conduct activities and provide services that will change the way you experience technology, and we are developing more of them in the foreseeable future.

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An exclusive cryptocurrency exchange platform designed to save your time in finding the most lucrative deals and make more money, specially fashioned to make trading as easy and simple as humanly possible.

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Blockchain PR Buzz

Blockchain PR Buzz is the one-stop-shop for everything realted to ICOs. BPRB serves the best ICO Marketing and PR Solutions, with the fastest Press Releases and best marketing services, it is amongst top 3 ICO Agencies in the world on ICOBench.

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A complete Digital Marketing Solution for any industry for the most affordable price. We optimize, create, and help campaigns reach their goals. DigiASAP is there for all your digital needs. We make your online presence better and more organised. DigiASAP constantly works on your digital profile so you can sit back and relax.

Our Team

gaurav nagar Raghav Sawhney Varun Kunal Rajvanshi Jatin MAdhra Soneshwar Singh Vidhata Trivedy Prayas Arora Deepak Kumar

The Flying Squad

Designation:Project Manager

The First Connection

Designation: Chief Marketing Officer

The Bad Cop

Designation: Chief Operations Officer

The Muscle

Designation: Chief Executive Officer

The Brain

Designation: Chief Technology Officer

The Daemon

Designation: Head Of Technology

The Logical Idiot

Designation: Senior Blockchain Developer

The Artisan

Designation: Head Frontend Developer

Team Title

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