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Bringing Blockchain Closer To Life
Hedera Hashgraph

- Build a permissioned blockchain using SWIRLDS

- Build permissionless blockchain using Hedera

- Use Hedera Consensus to build D-Apps


- Build D-Apps using Hyperledger

- Build permissioned or permissionless blockchain app using Hyperledger


Build Independent Decentralised apps with your own custom or public network. Build a simple d-app for your smaller organisation or a complex bigger app that can help an MNC.


- Develop Smart contracts on Ethereum Network

- Create coins for ICO on different ERC protocols.

- Build Smart Contracts for specific tasks like Land registry, Voting, Supply Chain

Smart Contracts

- Smart Contracts on Other Blockchains

- Escrow Services using Smart Contracts

ICO Launch

- Build your ICO launch platform

- AltCoins Accepting payment gateway

- User Management in KYC

dApp Development
Smart Contracts
Ethereum Development
Hyperledger Blockchain
Hedera Hashgraph
ICO Launch


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Bient Technologies

Blockchain is taking life to the speed of light and Bient is doing its part in taking life to Blockchain.
Bient Technologies is a startup with a vision to shape the future through the Technology of Blockchain and its Applications. At Bient, we believe in the foreseeable future of Blockchain and value the disruptive innovation its incorporation could bring about in every possible sector. If we have the opportunity and the resources - which we do - we must proceed to build a better tomorrow and leave the past behind.

Jatin Madhra, CEO

“Blockchain has been the underlying technology used today in the commercialisation of a growing number of sectors. One should take this technology as seriously as the development of the Internet in the early 1990s since its hard to ignore the change it tends to bring about in the future.”

In-House Products

The path to a fast and secure future is through an expert pairing of technology and activity. Having the resource of technology, we have furnished application platforms that conduct activities and provide services that will change the way you experience technology, and we are developing more of them in the foreseeable future.

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An exclusive cryptocurrency exchange platform designed to save your time in finding the most lucrative deals and make more money, specially fashioned to make trading as easy and simple as humanly possible.

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Blockchain PR Buzz

Blockchain PR Buzz is the one-stop-shop for everything realted to ICOs. BPRB serves the best ICO Marketing and PR Solutions, with the fastest Press Releases and best marketing services, it is amongst top 3 ICO Agencies in the world on ICOBench.

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A complete Digital Marketing Solution for any industry for the most affordable price. We optimize, create, and help campaigns reach their goals. DigiASAP is there for all your digital needs. We make your online presence better and more organised. DigiASAP constantly works on your digital profile so you can sit back and relax.

Irish Tech News
Pop Culture Has Got It All Wrong!- CEO Bient Tech
When it comes to cryptocurrency, pop culture has no clue what it is doing. If you base your assumptions on cryptocurrencies based on what they are shown like in popular culture, you might want to reconsider your assumptions. Crypto will probably not overthrow and replace financial institutions in a decade, and neither will it make you a millionaire overnight. On careful observation, these misconceptions often arise from stuff we watch on the TV.
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BTC Wires
Soneshwar Singh: Understanding Blockchain
Blockchain and Crypto have successfully become the biggest trend in the technological ambit of 2018. However, the movement is falling short of a mass momentum and comprises only of the active crypto community acting as the fuel cells of this technology. Demystifying all fog of confusion for new Crypto users, or people who are not quite convinced about this technology due to lack of knowledge, we bring you a masterclass from Mr Soneshwar Singh, Chief Technical Officer of Bient Technologies. In this article, Mr Singh is going to walk our readers through a step-by-step process into the depth of the ecosystem.
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